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YESS Project Acknowledgements and Publications

University of Southern California University of California at Los Angeles
Principal Investigator:
George Salem, PhD
Principal Investigator:
Gail A. Greendale, MD
Project director:
Emily Man-Ying Wang, PhD
Project director:
Emmanuel Ramirez, BA
Project manager:
Sean S-Y Yu, PhD
Project manager:
Sheila Mazdyasni, BS
Research assistant:
Michelle Haines, MS
Data supervisor:
Mei-Hua Huang, DrPH
Graduate student research assistants:
Rami Hashish, DPT
Sachithra Samarawickrame, MBBS
Yoga Instructor & Program Design Collaborator:
Leslie Kazadi, CYT, RYT-500
YESS funding:
NIH/NCCAM Grant RO1 AT004869