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YESS Biomechanics Slideshow

YESS used biomechanics learn about how the muscles and joints were working during the performance of Yoga postures.

YESS participants performed Yoga postures while they were “instrumented” in the biomechanics laboratory. By instrumented, we mean that while they were doing Yoga, we attached reflective “ping-pong balls” and surface electrical recording devices to specific places on their bodies and asked them to stand on “force plates”, which are built into the floor of the lab.

The reflective ball positions are recorded by high tech cameras, which “translate” the ping-pong balls into joint position diagrams. The electrodes tell us about muscle activation and the force plates provide information about the amount of force being exerted by the muscles and joints.

Biomechanics data collection is pretty complicated…in this case, a few pictures are worth ten thousand words.